In the collective imagination associated to gold mining there are words like land pollution and exploitation of people.

Thanks to scientific and technological innovations in the last 20 years, today it is possible to extract ethical gold, that is to say this metal can be obtained by extracting it from the soil without the use of mercury and cyanide processing, highly toxic for the environment and for people.

In many countries, including Burkina Faso, strict regulations have been adopted that not only prohibit the use of such substances, but also child labour and exploitation.

Indeed highly sophisticated machinery, safety regulations and high ethical standards are the key principles on which Inti Gold Global politics is based.

Anyone of our staff who will be working in the extraction site will receive the best working equipment, a salary worth 3-5 times of the average wage in Burkina Faso and under age people will not be hired.



The idea behind this project is to extract gold from a rich field and to build a flourishing and prosperous mine around it and to derive the greatest possible profit while remaining within solid ethical rules.

The reason that drives our members to do so, other than the high business productivity of such companies, is to provide investors this very opportunity.

Although it is easier to go to the bank in order to obtain loans necessary for the expansion of the mine, we as members of Inti Gold Global have preferred to offer this opportunity to a wider public.