Inti Gold global II


We are a newly formed company with limited liability with private equity that its 75% is controlled by Inti Gold Global SaRL and the remaining 25% will be offered to new potential private investors.

The aim is to become leaders in Burkina Faso in the extraction of precious metals.


The aim of our company is to have the financial capacities by 2018 of moving 400,000 m3 of soil per year and extracting about 13,000 ounces of gold.

The other goal will be to capitalise of positive cash flow that this business creates implementing a further expansion of extractive business in other areas of the country by acquisition of other concessions in the Burkinabè territory with a subsequent extension in the rest of West Africa.

Growing predictions

26.400 oz.
800.000 m3
6.100 oz.
187.000 m3

The main goal for at least the first 3 years is to grow the economic and financial capacity of the company in order to favour the maximum increment of the assets of the company, and, therefore, of the individual shares.

The growing predictions

  • 1st year: to move 187,500 m3 of soil with a return of about 6,100 troy ounces of gold.
  • 3rd year: to move about 800,000 m3 of soil with an estimated gold extraction of about 26,400 troy ounces.


Inti Gold Global

Inti Global Gold II starts up mainly to give the opportunity to anyone, including small and large investors to own a part of a gold mine.

Therefore 25% of the issued share capital upon incorporation will be divided between those who adhere to the purchase of the shares.

Would you know how you can to do that?
Do you know you could become a goldmine shareholder?